Integrated Annual Report 2022/23


Seasons of Resilience

Resilience in the face of seasonal challenges is embedded in the heart of our business. Our ability to adapt to change has enabled Expolanka to weather the uncertainties of a difficult year. Bound by an unwavering commitment to growth, we continue to extend and expand: reaching new shores, building stronger relationships, and enhancing our capabilities.

The success of our decades-long enterprise stands firm on a bedrock of integrity, stability, and maturity. Just as the cherry blossom blooms in the spring, heralding an exciting period of renewal and regeneration, Expolanka's ethos of excellence signals a continuing cycle of growth in the seasons ahead.


Building great businesses with a dare to do spirit


To always follow ethical business principles in transacting and managing business

Caring for stakeholders' interests

Commitment to excellence

Innovation and entrepreneurship



Spearheaded by EFL Global, a world-leading service-driven logistics player ensuring safe, transparent, and on-time delivery of millions of products to our customers, every single day.



Led by Classic Travel, Sri Lanka's largest travel company.



Operations centred on two key growth verticals: international trading and Information Technology services.


Chairman's Message

Our pursuit of a consistent strategy and focus on sound fundamentals have allowed the Group to deliver a stable performance during the year under review.


Group CEO's Review

Throughout the year under review, our key focus was on consolidating performance in light of the challenging operating environment. We committed to strengthening the fundamentals of our business, which remained our primary focus.