Expolanka Holdings is a globally acclaimed conglomerate based in Sri Lanka, known for its diversified presence in four pivotal sectors: logistics, leisure, IT, and food. Guided by a forward-thinking mindset and a meticulously planned growth roadmap, we continually challenge industry standards, further cementing our leadership in these dynamic sectors.

Our journey began in 1978 when Expolanka Limited took its first steps as a fresh produce exporter. Fuelled by the resolute desire to unlock Sri Lanka's untapped potential in an open economy, we embarked on pioneering diverse industries. Our remarkable success extended beyond our nation's borders, earning us a global reputation.

Today, Expolanka Holdings excels in delivering end-to-end solutions across our core sectors, thriving in challenging emerging markets. We are recognised for innovation, infrastructure advocacy, and facilitating international trade agreements. At the core of our achievements lies our dedication to strategic growth, encompassing infrastructure improvement, risk mitigation, and a devoted team. Our organisational ethos centres on delivering excellent service, prioritising customers, upholding responsibility, and ensuring the well-being of our employees. This cultural foundation ensures that we consistently provide outstanding value to both our clients and partners while upholding our fundamental principles.

SG Holdings

Expolanka Holdings became a subsidiary of SG Holdings Group, one of the leading logistics conglomerates headquartered in Tokyo, in 2014. SG Holdings Group is the parent company of Sagawa Express, a premier delivery company in East Asia.

SG Holdings Group has a formidable presence across the Asian continent, operating in over 30 countries. Similar to Expolanka's strategic diversification, SG Holdings has strategically expanded into multiple core sectors, with a strong emphasis on the delivery and logistics industry. Additionally, their diversified portfolio extends to include real estate ventures, human resource management, and expert IT consultancy services.

This investment marked a significant milestone as one of the largest and most impactful foreign transactions within the Sri Lankan market. This achievement not only solidified Expolanka's position but also elevated it to the league of corporate multinationals that extend their reach beyond national borders.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide our organisation's journey.

Committed to excellence and innovation, our diverse board members play a pivotal role in shaping our strategic vision and driving our business forward. Meet the leaders who inspire our success and steer us toward a brighter future.

Mr. Bokuto Yamauchi
Chairman, Group CEO

Mr. Bokuto Yamauchi currently serves as the General Manager of the Global Business Strategies Department of SG Holdings. He began his illustrious career with Sagawa Express in 2003, amassing nearly 20 years of experience in the logistics business across multiple disciplines.

Mr. Hanif Yusoof
Executive Director

A visionary leader, Hanif Yusoof has transformed a Sri Lankan family business into a global powerhouse. An early employee of Expolanka, he pioneered the logistics sector, propelling Expolanka Freight to market leadership in Sri Lanka in 1982. With a vision to globalise Sri Lanka, he rapidly expanded Expolanka into a global market leader. Under his guidance, Expolanka became Sri Lanka's top company by market capitalization, with EFL excelling globally.

As a thought leader, Hanif uplifted the logistics industry, serving on presidential task forces and leading the Freight Forwarders Association of Sri Lanka. In 2022, he received the "Legend of Logistics" award. Hanif's entrepreneurship earned him the "Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Special Achievement Award" in 2013 and the "Global Commerce Excellence" award from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in 2012.

Mr. Yo Ha
Executive Director

Mr. Yo Ha holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Waseda University, Japan, and has accumulated 18 years of experience. Currently, he serves as the CEO of SG Sagawa AMEROID Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, where he has gained specialised experience in the Sales and Marketing industry, both in Japan and Singapore.

Mr. Sanjay Kulatunga
Non-Executive, Independent Director

Sanjay Kulatunga is a seasoned entrepreneur and Executive Director with diverse experience in Finance and Export manufacturing. He co-founded LYNEAR Wealth Management in 2013, where he serves as CEO. Sanjay has played pivotal roles in Sri Lanka's financial sector, serving on committees and boards such as the Central Bank's Financial Sector Stability Consultative Committee, the Board Of Investment, and the Securities Exchange Commission. He is also a Trustee of the Geoffrey Bawa and Lunuganga Trust and holds the position of Honorary Consul General for Sweden in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Harsha Amarasekera P.C
Non-Executive, Independent Director

Mr. Harsha Amarasekera, President Counsel, is a prominent figure in the legal profession in Sri Lanka, with a broad practice encompassing both the Original Courts and the Appellate Courts. His areas of expertise include Commercial Law, Business Law, Securities Law, Banking Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

In addition to his legal practice, he serves as an Independent Director in several leading listed companies on the Colombo Stock Exchange. This includes roles as Chairman in Sampath Bank PLC, CIC Holdings PLC, Swisstek (Ceylon) PLC, and Swisstek Aluminium Limited, as well as Deputy Chairman of Vallibel Power Erathna PLC. He also holds the position of Independent Non-Executive Director in Vallibel One PLC, Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC, Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC, Ambeon Capital PLC, and Amaya Leisure PLC. Furthermore, he is the Chairman of CIC Agri Business (Private) Limited.

Mr. Junji Shimasaki
Non-Executive, Non-Independent Director

Mr. Junji Shimasaki currently serves as the President of Sagawa Express (Thailand) Limited and SG Sagawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd. He embarked on his illustrious career with Sagawa Air Service Co. Ltd. (now known as Sagawa Express Co. Ltd.) in 1993. With nearly 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, his expertise is primarily centered on international logistics. This includes a decade of serving as the President of Sagawa Express Vietnam Co. Ltd. and SG Sagawa Vietnam Co. Ltd.

Mr. Hidekazu Matsumoto
Non-Executive, Non-Independent Director

Mr. Hidekazu Matsumoto currently functions as the President and COO at SG Holdings. He started his illustrious career with Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. in the year 1988. He has more than a total of 35 years of experience in the logistics business and environmental health, and shows sound leadership having held
several senior executive positions and directorship within the SG Holdings Group.

Our Journey

Explore our journey through the years, marked by milestones, growth, and innovation. From our humble beginnings to becoming a global leader, our timeline showcases our dedication to excellence and our enduring commitment to shaping a brighter future.