At Expolanka Holdings, our dedication to sustainability transcends mere business practices. We firmly uphold our responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of the planet and the communities we are privileged to serve.

Our sustainability endeavours serve as a testament not only to our steadfast commitment to environmental preservation, but also to our enduring pledge to bolster communities worldwide. Through these initiatives, we are resolutely focused on effecting transformative change, one project at a time.

Successful Projects
People Impacted
Discover our diverse sustainability projects, each a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and global community support.
The Yahaguna Padanama Foundation 10x315
The Yahaguna Padanama Foundation
The Yahaguna Padanama Foundation provides meals for up to 350 OPD patients a day. Located near the National General Hospital, the facility offers a healthy nutritious meal and a calm, clean space to ease their burdens.
EFL Philippines 710x315
EFL Philippines – Reforesting Project
EFL Philippines partnered with the Haribon Foundation, a renowned environment conservation organisation, to reforest a plot of land in the Philippines.
EFL Vietnam 710x315
EFL Vietnam – Clean Water Project
EFL Vietnam implemented a Clean Water Treatment Project at a Kindergarten in Vietnam.
EFL Kenya 710x315
EFL Kenya – Renovating Ablution Block
EFL Kenya constructed an ablution block at Utumishi Primary School, to ensure better sanitation for the 900+ children at the school.
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