Established in 1978, Expolanka Holdings has evolved into a well renowned organization globally.
Initially venturing into the fresh produce sector, the company has since gained prominence as one of Sri Lanka's premier logistics companies and expanded its presence into the leisure and information technology sectors, with businesses in over 39 countries.
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Navigating Diverse Sectors
We operate in a multitude of diverse sectors, harnessing our expertise to drive continuous innovation, adaptability, and the delivery of exceptional value.
SG Holdings
SG Holdings

Expolanka Holdings has operated as a subsidiary of SG Holdings since 2014. SG Holdings is the holding company of a prominent logistics conglomerate headquartered in Kyoto, and is the parent company of Sagawa Express, one of the top delivery companies in Japan.

Considered one of Japan's premier logistics companies, the SG Holdings Group maintains a strong presence in over 30 countries and regions centered in Asia.

Investor Relations
Charting Success Through Investor Relations
At Expolanka Holdings, we recognise the vital role our investors play in our journey of growth and success.
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Sustainability Practices at Expolanka
Reshaping the World with Sustainable Solutions
Sustainability is a fundamental principle at Expolanka, and we are dedicated to upholding sustainable practices.
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Life at Expolanka
At Expolanka Holdings, we nurture a work culture that is deeply rooted in our commitment to service excellence, customer-centricity, responsible practices, and the well-being of our employees. These values are the foundation of our global success and growth.
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