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In 2014 Expolanka Holdings entered a strategic partnership with SG Holdings Group from Japan, which now owns 67% of the parent company. SG Holdings Group is a leading logistics conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, and the parent company of Sagawa Express-one of the largest delivery companies in East Asia. The company has a strong presence on the Asian continent with 24 locally incorporated subsidiaries in 10 countries. Like Expolanka, SG holdings has diversified into several core strength sectors, focusing on delivery and logistics business alongside real estate, human resource management and IT consultancy.

The investment was one of the largest and most significant foreign transacations in the Sri Lanka market and established Expolanka as a corporate multi-national that had gone beyond the borders of Sri Lanka. Since the acquisition, both companies have been working actively to synergise and leverage on their respective strengths to support their multiple interests.

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