Founded in 1982, EFL is one of the largest and most reliable freight forwarding and logistics companies in the region. As the single most recognized brand under Expolanka, EFL has been the forerunner of all global expansions and growth. The company has capabilities and expertise to cover the full spectrum of supply chain solutions, backed by competitive pricing structures, strong procurement capabilities leading to high capacities and a wide range of global contracts for air and ocean freight services including charter capabilities. With a strong foothold in the fashion vertical, EFL has worked with leading clients to create customized “Speed2market” solutions across the world. View More


Twenty-five years ago, the Expolanka group ventured into the Airline... View More




Expolanka Freight is the region’s powerhouse when it comes to supply chain management via land, sea and air. As one of the largest and most reliable freight forwarding and logistics companies in the region, EFL operates from 70+ offices in 39 countries around the world. 2300+ EFL employees work from these offices to ensure that the global EFL network runs like clockwork; from the bustling trade routes of Asia, Africa and the Middle East to fashion capitals in the US and Europe.

EFL was founded in 1982 as part of the Expolanka Group. The company specializes in retail logistics services and counts many of the world’s leading fashion retailers among its clients. It also has a reputation for thriving in difficult logistical environments, successfully operating from regions with weak infrastructure to deliver speed to market solutions for buyers in the US and Europe. EFL has pioneered investment in these regions to improve infrastructure, and has successfully lobbied for multilateral agreements that have made it easier for logistics companies to carry out their business.

By operating in all major strategic sourcing markets in the world and keeping to its promise of origin to destination with minimum lead times, EFL has positioned itself among the top global players in the logistics business.

Visit the EFL website here: www.efl.global



Airline Cargo Resources (ACR) is Expolanka’s aviation solutions provider. ACR’s network of airline partners spans over 18 countries with a strong presence in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and the Far East.

ACR is a total GSA management company equipped to furnish an end to end air cargo solution. The company offers tailor made aviation solutions to its airline partners, including infrastructure, sales and marketing, local expertise, intelligent data and financial support. ACR’s aviation solutions for cargo and passenger include all aspects of GSSA (General Sales and Service Agent) and CSA (Cargo Sales Agent) management. Led by a dynamic team of industry professionals, the focus is on delivering personalized services to business partners.

Visit the ACR website here: www.acrdxb.com



The Expo Global Distribution Centre (EGDC) is the first company to be granted license to conduct free port operations in Sri Lanka- and the first in the Indian subcontinent to do so. EGDC’s 200,000 sq ft+ bonded warehousing facility at the Katunayake Export Processing Zone functions as a distribution center providing storage and value addition services to major fashion retailers.

Since the Sri Lankan government declared its main ports as free ports in 2013, Retailers have the option of bringing goods into the country duty free for transshipment and processing, stimulating rapid growth in business activity in these ports. As the first to tap into this opportunity in 2014, EGDC provides transshipment warehousing for all types of cargo complete with remote inventory visibility to the final buyer. It also offers value addition services such as Pick & Pack, kitting, ratio packing, labelling and Direct-to-Store style packaging for retail spaces.

In addition, EGDC offers services that allow goods to be procured from or manufactured in one country and shipped to another off-shore. This combination of distribution and off-shore business has helped make Sri Lanka attractive as a logistics hub and it is now at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s commercial free port industry.

Visit the EGDC website here: www.egdc.com



Twenty-five years ago, the Expolanka group ventured into the Airline GSA Management as a new business venture. Today, as a premier GSA partner, the Expolanka group represents over 17 international Airlines in over 9 countries in the Indian Sub-continent, the Far East, Middle East and Africa.

Having recognized that the industry is constantly changing, the company was strategically remodelled to face the business challenges at hand, with a “global vision”, and rebranded themselves as Expo Airline Management. EAM is a total GSA Management and provides its aviation partners personalized and cost-efficient services including General Sales & Services Agent (GSSA), Passenger Sales Agent (PSA), Cargo Sales Agent (CSA) and Total Cargo Management.

With a reputation for excellence and reliability, EAM is more than qualified to establish the representation of airlines in new locations to work towards their future expansion.

Visit the EAM website here : www.eam.global

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