Integrated Annual Report 2022/23


As a global entity operating in diverse markets, Expolanka Holdings is exposed to a variety of risks that could impact the business. These risks include, but are not limited to, economic, political, operational, financial, and legal risks. However, it is the belief of the Company management that with the right systems, processes, and people in place, it is possible to mitigate these risks and achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation. Entrepreneurial activity is characterised by both risks and opportunities, and every business decision is influenced by these factors. Expolanka, in its pursuit of sustainable success and competitiveness, proactively embraces risk and consistently seeks out and cultivates opportunities.

Once again, the past year was significantly influenced by various external factors that presented Expolanka with both challenges and opportunities. Volatility of the global market conditions, tempered consumer demand resulting from potential inflationary impacts and the global energy crisis continued to influence global trade and consumer demand worldwide. Our belief is that adopting a systematic approach to risk management allows us to effectively anticipate, mitigate, and manage risks while also capitalising on opportunities that emerge despite the unpredictable nature of the business environment.

Despite the persistent challenges faced by the business in 2022/23, Expolanka was able to deliver steady financial results by relying on its market expertise and robust risk management strategies to effectively anticipate and mitigate potential risks, navigate market dynamics, and meet the ever-evolving expectations of our customers. This year, Expolanka significantly leveraged on its effective early risk warning mechanisms to identify potential risks and convert them into opportunities. The customer centric approach and effective procurement tactics whilst facilitating business success through streamlined operational performance has ensured continued success in the year under review for the organisation.

Expolanka continued to adjust to the challenging market conditions with a sharp focus on achieving the strategic objectives through the numerous strategic initiatives rolled out throughout the year in review. The emphasis on technology, process and the people ensured that performance is not compromised whilst navigating the way through the storm. The bottom-up approach of risk governance and management ensured agility and efficiency in our risk management approach.

Expolanka’s risk management process is efficient, flexible, and continuously evolving. We regularly assess and analyse risks to ensure the management team is well-informed and can make informed decisions. By addressing a wide range of risks, the mitigation strategies enable the Company to develop cohesive policies with greater clarity and focus.

Accepting and tolerating risks is an important aspect of managing a business, as it allows the organisation to pursue opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked or avoided due to perceived risks. By acknowledging and accommodating certain risks, Expolanka has gained a competitive advantage which has resulted in higher returns. Furthermore, tolerating certain risks has helped the business to adapt to changes and challenges in the market. In an ever-changing business landscape, it is important to be flexible and responsive to shifts in consumer preferences, technological advancements, and economic conditions. By accepting and tolerating risks, we have become more agile and resilient in the face of uncertainty. Our risk management approach has struck a balance between risk taking and risk management which has supported the organisation to achieve the desired outcomes whilst minimising potential downsides.

The primary components of our Risk Management Framework include:



Risk Governance Structure

Risk Management Framework

Risk Management Process

Risk Factors

Emerging Risks