Integrated Annual Report 2022/23

3/ Prudent Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Expolanka identifies and accepts that good governance, accomplished through an ethical culture, effective control, competitive performance and legitimacy is able to enhance long term equity performance and to build sustainable value.


Outgoing Chairman’s message

Dear Shareholders,

It has been my honour to have served as the Chairman of Expolanka Holdings PLC during my nearly 3-year tenure. I was bestowed with this responsibility at the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic where we experienced many challenges and opportunities. Your organisation was successfully able to overcome these challenges in a resilient and spirited manner and we were able to transform Expolanka Holdings PLC, as a truly global organisation.

I am forever thankful and privileged to have worked closely with my fellow board members as we chartered the course of your organisation. In doing so, we remained consistent with our strategies and were able to adopt and adjust to the market conditions ahead of us. As Expolanka was able to deliver unprecedented growth during the last three years, this undoubtedly was a great experience for me as Chairman. Kudos to the leadership and senior management team who worked tirelessly to execute our strategies and initiatives effectively in trying circumstances.

I am deeply appreciative of the unwavering support, dedication and commitment provided by the team throughout my service to the Group. I wish to express my sincere wishes to my successor and Expolanka for a successful future ahead as it works tirelessly to deliver shareholder value and wealth.


30 June 2023