Integrated Annual Report 2022/23

2/ Agile and Adaptable Business Portfolio

Expolanka’s business strategy has historically incorporated an asset-light business model that ensures the Group’s portfolio of businesses are scalable, agile, and able to generate sustainable returns.

Asset-light business model

Coupled with our nimble and flexible approach, we are a dynamic and adaptable Group; able to seize opportunities and respond to market fluctuations, while generating strong returns for our shareholders.

Across sectors our asset-light business model has enabled businesses within the Group to scale at pace, deploy rapidly, optimise resource-use whilst generating strong and consistent returns. While Expolanka has favoured the asset-light model, the Group will not shy away from investing in asset-based opportunities where appropriate.

Appetite for growth

Our Group is hungry for growth. We aspire for international expansion across our business lines by harnessing the strengths of our business model, unique corporate DNA, diverse competencies, and strong relationships. Backed by forward-thinking technological adoption, value-focused innovation, and strong service capability.

Over the last decade, we have laid the groundwork and created a platform on which the Group’s various business lines can expand and scale. Our concerted investments in capabilities, resources, relationships, and systems and processes, have demonstrated our commitment to growth in the face of dynamic market conditions, and we are well set for significant growth over the next five years.

Alongside organic growth through diversification, expansion, and scale; Expolanka’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) strategy sets out a clear course for inorganic growth that supports our business objectives. As a responsible corporate entity, we comply with relevant regulatory requirements and follow best practices when approaching new mergers or acquisitions. Strategic expansion in this regard is carefully assessed: not only to be in alignment with our business goals, but also ensuring a cultural fit with our corporate values and culture. We take a thoughtful and deliberate approach that ensures continuity alongside a smooth process for transition and integration.