Expolanka Commodities

Expolanka Commodities (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in Sri Lanka in 1980 to import and trade agricultural commodities such as dates, onions, garlic, coriander, red split lentils, dried fish, canned fish, wheat flour, etc. We have our own factory to split and polish the lentils, giving us an advantage over competitors and are the 3rd largest importer of red lentils and 4th largest importer of sugar into Sri Lanka.

As Expolanka Holdings' import and entrepot trading arm, Expolanka Commodities gradually expanded our product portfolio to spices and other commodities. We have also diversified to include cement and trade it under our own brand, "Expo-Cement". The company has now entered into the retail market with our own retail division and has an extensive national network of retail clients. The four storey office premises in Milepost Avenue, Colombo 3, are the centre of our business operations and we have a modern warehouse complex at Orugodawatta, on the outskirts of Colombo.

To build a unique competitive advantage in this highly competitive sector, we have established an excellent reputation with foreign suppliers for agricultural commodities; enabling us to purchase the right quality at the right price from the most competitive country of origin, at the right season. A resource we value greatly is our network of past and potential buyers and which remains an asset for the company.

Expolanka Commodities (Pvt.) Ltd. is engaged in the import of a variety of agricultural and other products, chiefly red split lentils, sugar, dates and dried sprats.Among other goods, we also export cloves, pepper, nutmeg, tamarind, ambergris, maize, copra and sea products.

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