Aslam Assen – CEO – Neptune Papers (Pvt) Ltd

Expolanka has given me the ideal foundation to practice what I have learned. "Entrepreneurship" is a key word in the Group's culture. This has helped me to look at new avenues for the company and has helped me to come up with new ideas. It is with pride that I say Expolanka has helped me to grow not just in my career, but also in life.

Chanies Ratnayake – Manager Marketing – Classic Travel (Pvt) Ltd

I joined Expolanka in March of 1999, in the capacity of a Marketing Executive at Classic Travel (Pvt.) Ltd. Whilst I did not have prior experience in the travel trade in the short span of three years, I was given the opportunity to become the Marketing Manager for Classic Travel.

Classic Travel is not my place of work. It is my second home. We work as a team and as a family. Employees are treated as a member of the family. The company cares for both the professional and personal development of staff and looks into assisting all staff to go further in their chosen career. Just the kind gesture of providing all staff with lunch is testimony to the sense of care they have for their employees.

At Classic Travel if one person is faced with a problem, there will be a collective effort made to solve the issue. The support, guidance and assistance extended by the leadership are a source of comfort to us. It is one of the main reasons that I have stayed with Classic Travel for so many years. Their doors are always open to all staff, be it managers or minor staff. They are ever ready and willing to assist anyone who needs their professional or personal help.

Expolanka is a well reputed and respected company in Sri Lanka. They operate with a high sense of ethics. I am proud to be an employee of Expolanka and look forward to many more wonderful years with them.

Glen Kulatunga – Manager – Ocean Exports – Expolanka Freight (Pvt) Ltd

The working environment at Expolanka is truly different from that of any other that I have worked in. There is a feeling of belonging among staff at all levels. This in turn radiates an aura of ownership that is clearly visible in the manner in which work is attended day in and day out. This is true testimony to the values that the senior management has inculcated in employees at all levels.

Another important fact that needs special mention is recognition. True to what was mentioned at the time of joining, the senior management has recognized and rewarded me. Feedback from a cross section of friends and associates in diverse fields, this seems to something that is lacking in each and every diversified conglomerate in the country.

Imdadh Marikar – Manager Business Development – Expolanka (Pvt) Ltd

The 6+ years I have been with Expolanka have been an enriching experience where good performance is recognized and rewarded. Expolanka offers a professionally challenging career with an environment open to diverse cultural experiences. Since starting out as a Finance Executive, this job has taken me to many places around the world giving me exposure to various clientele and bringing me the position of Business Development Manager. The organization offers a unique team experience that continues to support and develop its staff with the growth of the company. I joined Expolanka 6 years ago with a briefcase full of dreams and a head full of ideas. It was true to this point that I was not disappointed.

Expolanka Holdings believe that its people are one of its greatest strengths. We understand that in order for them to develop to their full potential as individual professionals and as a team, the right conditions must prevail at the workplace. Therefore we aim to provide a nurturing environment where they can grow into their prime as a high performing and a motivated workforce that is a 'passionate team of employees' who are committed and competent, in all aspects to the delivery of shareholder value.

Approximately 2,500 people are employed by the Expolanka Group across the world. We are fortunate to have 24 nationalities amongst us and this diversity adds to the collective force that the Group has developed. It also fortifies our corporate philosophy, encourages further diversity, adds value to its activities, and generates a rich resource base of varied expertise and domain knowledge that enhances the competitive strength of the Group.

The breadth of diversity of our staff, focused perspectives and enthusiasm for innovation generate high client satisfaction. This is enhanced by their ability to collaborate effectively across international borders.

Expolanka Holdings have invested in Human Resources initiatives including a performance-oriented culture with performance-related remuneration schemes, the establishment of the Human Resource Development Centre and the successful implementation of a Management Development Plan.

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